22. 01. 2019 12:03
Enjoy beach sightseeing from 660 ft on board with E66! Of course our priority is to jump... but if the weather is not jumpable, sometimes it is at least flyable! The surroundings of the dropzone in Algarve are extremely beautiful!
06. 01. 2019 06:06
Little new years gift for all E66 fans! Enjoy our calendar with beautiful sky views! 6th of January is not only start of new extreme year, but also a start of new project EXTREME 66 SKYART! Stay tuned!
31. 12. 2018 06:06
We wish you an extremely happy new year!
06. 12. 2018 23:12
Even though it was a pretty quick visit to Singapore, it was definitely worth it! E66 highly recommends iFLY SINGAPORE and world's largest and highest INFINITY POOL! Check out our new photo galleries!
06. 04. 2018 06:06
Freestyle training with my favourite coach and camera flyer Tim Porter was super fun! Great beach jumps, lovely people, just extremely great!
06. 06. 2017 06:06
Ladies & gentleman, welcome aboard with EXTREME 66! I would like to share some of the best views from the cockpit, which I have experienced during my first 666 hours of airline flying!
06. 04. 2017 06:06
It was a pleasure to be interviewed by reporter Maria Zacharieva. The result of afternoon we spent talking about E66 aerial adventures is in this year third issue of BULGARIANS magazine.
01. 08. 2016 20:50
Hard to believe, that my landing no. 66 with B737 happened with landing clearance slightly above 66ft., and ended up at stand no. 66! But it happened! Enjoy the view over beautiful Palma de Mallorca and stay tuned for more flying videos with EXTREME 66!