TATRALANDIA adventures in Slovakia

Skydiving indoor and outdoor, heli rides and one of the biggest water parks in beautiful mountainous area ... that's TATRALANDIA! Check out little photo report from EXTREME 66.

Another wind tunnel with beautifull view! INDOOR SKYDIVING TATRALANDIA, surrounded by the highest mountains in Slovakia – High and Low Tatras, Great Fatra and Choc Mountains, offers probably the cheapest pricing for sport skydivers. If you are a beginner, you can use a very special rate of 450 EUR coaching included for bellyflying, for more advanced flying the pricing starts at 650 EUR per hour. EXTREME 66 organizes flying customized flying camps combined with other areal adventures. Don't hesitate to ask about details and available slots at info@extreme66.com.

Our highly recommended flying experience is definitelly HELIPORT LIPTOV. Jump in a heli wherever you like and enjoy the 3D view of Liptovsky Mikulas, lake and mountains in all kinds of weather.
All the stuff and pilots are extremely friendly and you will have a lot of fun!

Sightseeing flights in Robinson 44 starts from 100 EUR for 3 passangers. You can find detailed info and book your flight at http://www.heliportliptov.sk/

If you like water sports, you can relax your muscels after too much flying at TATRALANDIA WATER PARK. The largest year-round water fun complex  is located just 5 min walking distance from the wind tunnel.

If you want to take a day off from flying, I highly recommend resort JASNA. Skiing, snowboarding or just a beautiful viwe is highly recommended! Just 15 min of driving from the wind tunnel.


Now the question is, when to schedule your trip to Slovakia with EXTREME 66! We will leave that up to you, but we are ready anytime ;)