New fighter jet adventure: AERO L-29 DELFIN

Adventure sports and thrill-seeking vacations continue to be extremely popular pastimes. Operating high-performance machinery is EXTREME 66 favourite activity! Fast and powerful airplanes rank among the favorites. Check out our new AERO L-29 DELFIN fighter jet adventure!

L-29 DELFIN is a two-seat mid-wing all-metal airplane with a  nose landing gear. This training jet was used for training pilots for  jet fighter aircraft. Nowadays it is used as a demonstration aircraft. Cruising speed of the airplane is 450 km/h, the maximum range is 670 km.

Factory test pilots fly the airplanes for EXTREME 66 customers. They understand the airplane like nobody else, and can offer a ride unmatched by anyone. Our customers can manipulate the controls during the flight if they wish, or simply relax and go for a ride that makes amusement parks pale by comparison. Loops, rolls, zero-G - no roller-coaster can even come close, and the view is spectacular.