Engine shutdown by E66

Have you always wanted to take a scenic flight in a small airplane, but been concerned about possible engine failure? No worries!

Modern aircraft engines are conservatively designed, thoroughly tested and regularly inspected, so an actual engine failure is very unlikely. However, as with any mechanical device, some remote possibility of problems does exist.

What to do in the event that the unthinkable really does happen? Not a problem – an airplane without an engine is just a glider, perfectly capable of continuing flight. It simply starts slowly descending, but still fully under the pilot's control. Check out our video, where we purposely demonstrate a 'dead-stick' landing, with the engine completely out of the picture. Notice how the airplane flies absolutely normally, with no unusual or violent maneuvers necessary, and glides to a perfect landing, exactly where it is supposed to be.

Come fly with EXTREME 66 and see for yourself. For more information, contact us and order your flight at flying@extreme66.com Looking forward to flying with you soon!